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Ecostream™ 400Ltr Interlock Purification System

Ecostream™ 400Ltr Interlock Purification System
The Ecostream™ range of tank systems represent excellent value for money as they are modular in design and can be fixed into vehicles permanently without the need of a stainless steel frame to do so. This allows significant savings to be made over against traditional systems, without compromising on the professional image that window cleaners always strive for. All tanks are baffled to restrict water movement in transit.

The tanks also allow for pump, controller, filter and hosereel components to be fitted directly to them, ensuring best use of the compact designs and maximising van space. There are packages designed to suit every need from straight forward water delivery units, ie. pump and controller only to demineralising and reverse osmosis systems or a combination of both, depending on customers’ requirements. Added to this comprehensive offering is a range of hose reel options to make the Ecostream™ Tank Systems probably the most versatile and cost effective van mounted systems on the market today!

The ECO400 Eco Stream™ 400ltr system is a great starter option for a medium size vehicle, with the potential for adding more capacity to the tank with the interlocking principle if the Interlock Tank option is selected.

Due to its compact size and the fact all components are housed within the tank footprint, this product takes up little room, even in smaller vans, allowing space for other equipment. provided the van’s payload allows for the total weight of the system when full.

Specifications for ECO400 INTERLOCK (Tank Only)
  • Dry Weight 45.0kg
  • Wet Weight 445.0kg
  • Max Width 670mm
  • Max Height 360mm
  • Max Length 1,370mm
Part Number Description
ECO400IL Ecostream™ 400 Ltr System with Pump and Controller - No FIltration
ECO400IL-DI Ecostream™ 400 Ltr System with Pump, Controller and De-Ionised Filtration Vessel
ECO400IL-RO Ecostream™ 400 Ltr System with Pump, Controller and Reverse Osmosis Filtration
ECO400IL-RODI Ecostream™ 400 Ltr System with Pump, Controller, Reverse Osmosis and De-Ionised Filtration

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